Upcoming Events
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First Harvest Farmer's Market
To celebrate the beginning of our harvest, we are excited to welcome you to our annual Farmer’s Market on May 6. This year we will meet on the farm for an afternoon exploring artisanal products from local Portuguese farms.

Guests are free to join rotating tours around the land, explaining the project that is to be, so for this we suggest comfortable walking shoes.

More details to follow soon.
Healing Power of Herbs
Delve into the healing powers of each of the more familiar greens, as well as uncover a few herbs you may not have come across before. You’ll return home with a few simple recipes for homemade remedies and an understanding of how herbs may support and guide the body.

More details to follow soon.
Fermentation Workshop
Now recognised for its numerous health benefits, fermentation has long been a way to preserve foods, practised across the globe for many centuries.

With this age-old practice in mind, we will experiment with innovative flavour combinations using vegetables from our farm to create healthy gut-boosting ferments for you to take home and add to your plate.

More details to follow soon.
Organic Flower Bouquets
Join us for a day on the farm harvesting and arranging your own bouquet of flowers. We’ll learn about the different the varieties, cultivation and harvesting techniques and best caring conditions for long-lasting, fresh, organic flowers.

More details to follow soon.
Mini-Farmers Workshop
This workshop introduces children to real life organic and sustainable farming. They'll get their hands dirty by helping us out with farm chores, digging, weeding and harvesting, getting to see where their food comes from as well as experience opportunities to learn more about teamwork, community, and ethical farming practices.

More details to follow soon.
Pumpkin Carving
Celebrate Autumn by learning about all the different varieties of winter squashes that we have on the farm: Delicata; Red Kuri; Green Hokkaido; Sweet Dumpling; Butternut; Muscat de Provence; Hungarian Blue; Jack o Lantern. Each variety differs greatly in size, colour, texture and taste. With the help of their parents, children will then get the opportunity to cut, scoop and hammer their own pumpkins into shape.

More details to follow soon.
Garlic Planting
Garlic is a bigtime crop, taking about six months from seed to harvest. We plant the cloves at the end of Autumn to be able to harvest them in Spring. In this workshop, we’ll celebrate the end of the season by getting our hands dirty (and smelly) by planting garlic cloves in compost and manure, so that these crops can have long lasting nutrients as they grow throughout winter.

More details to follow soon.

Past Events

We lead tours on the land and monthly educational workshops, from organic cut flower cultivation and soil health workshops, to guided tomato harvests and garlic plantings, bringing our community into direct contact with the farmers and educating them about regenerative farming, ecosystem restoration, nutrition and holistic health.
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