Launched in Portugal in 2021, Friends of a Farmer is Slow’s initiative to regenerate our soil, awaken the farm and cultivate a community.

On our farm in Meco, on the Arrábida Coast south of Lisbon, we grow over 40 different crops in hundreds of varieties – offering our members a wide variety of color, texture and flavors in farm-fresh organic boxes delivered directly from our fields. In addition, we partner with a network of small producers to share an expanding selection of high-quality organic products from across Portugal.  
A true Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project, Friends of a Farmer reflects a mutual commitment between farmer and consumer to support regenerative, small-scalefarming. Through the seasonal commitment of our members, we are able to thoughtfully and patiently farm organic produce without waste. Together with our members, we are building a community dedicated to regeneration and the joy of living in harmony with our environment.

As consumers we face choices that define our relationship with the earth. As an alternative to a world of fast food and harmful industrial-scale agriculture, we strive for a return to a more authentic, respectful approach to our nourishment. On our farm, we employ passionate, fairly-paid people committed to this goal. Becoming a member of the farm means more than a box of fresh produce each week – rather, members are supporting a community of people, plants, animals, and earth, working together to sustain and support our shared earth.
“Conventional agribusinesses are polluting our land, degrading our soils and harming our planet. Our farm offers a conscious alternative. We see the farm as a whole living system and treat our soil as the essential ingredient to our nutrient-rich food, offering our friends real food that they can trust.”
— Master farmer Andy Szymanowicz
We strive to foster deep appreciation for our land through an engaging program – from workshops and farm dinners to wild orchid spotting to guided tomato harvests – that bring our community into direct contact with the farmers, and educate them about regenerative agriculture, ecosystem restoration, nutrition and holistic health.

We hope you will join us on this journey as we sow the seeds of a more sustainable future!
Meet the Farmers
Andy Szymanowicz
An expert in biodynamic and sustainable agriculture, our master farmer Andy Szymanowicz comes with 20 years of growing experience in the organic sector. 
Sofia Reis Pinto
Sofia is our farm manager. Coming from an architecture background but finding solace in permaculture projects, Sofia serendipitously came across our farm while interviewing for an architecture position with our partners. Bringing people back to nature and its natural rhythm and essence, is her main fascination. Encouraging people to experience nature’s interdependent way of creating, nourishing and empowerment.
Carlos Angeja 
Meet Carlos, our field manager. Born and raised in Sesimbra, Carlos feels at home on this land, enjoying the most out of working directly with the soil and nature. His natural search for perfection makes him the best person to maintain quality control for our vegetable boxes, making sure each box is up to his high standards! 
Ana Catarina Alves
Catarina holds a passion for making the world a healthier and more sustainable place which she nurtured in her university studies and now carries over to her work with Friends of a Farmer. She also has a keen eye,  toting her camera to the fields in order to keep members up to date on happenings around the farm. 
Diogo Veríssimo
Born and raised in Alfarim, a nearby village, Diogo is our go-to handyman on the farm helping us with carpentry and repairs. Viewing nature as the main ingredient to stress-free living, Diogo loves to spend his free time bird-watching and enjoying the outdoors near Meco. 
Sr Alberto
Our trusted tractor operator. We literally couldn’t do any of this without him. He helps us out with his machinery as well as his years of knowledge, always ready to share a nostalgic story and the ways of his time.
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